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Published on January 4, 2022
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ShipStation is excited to announce our new partnership with Listing Mirror, a multi-channel ecommerce platform that allows merchants to organize listing data for selling channels, create listings, and manage inventory. Together with ShipStation, you will be able to streamline your entire order process and seamlessly ship products from any channel to your customers.

Simplify Order Management

Listing Mirror offers personalized onboarding and training free of charge to ensure each merchant receives the one-on-one care and attention they deserve. Listing Mirror also offers first-class support with emergency weekend coverage so your questions will always be answered quickly. They always put their customers first and even price their solution based on SKUs so your GMV is protected.

In addition to their listing creation and editing features, Listing Mirror also offers a multitude of other solutions that can help simplify your multi-channel business processes. Use Listing Mirror to consolidate all of your orders, handle refunds and returns, manage inventory and purchase orders, and create kits and bundles. Listing Mirror even has a warehouse management system where that allows you to do everything from receiving to picking and everything in between. Their warehouse management system also includes a phone and scanner application so all of your bases will be covered.

Better Together

ShipStation fits perfectly in Listing Mirror’s suite of solutions by simplifying the operations process even further. Listing Mirror sends full order data to ShipStation so you can fulfill orders lickety-split, then automatically get tracking data back to your customers. You no longer have to spend precious time logging into multiple channels, copying and pasting, and relaying information across multiple platforms.

Learn more about the ShipStation and Listing Mirror partnership.

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