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Published on January 4, 2022
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This blog is brought to you by our newest partner, Beck Consulting, a software and services vendor that has been providing solutions to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software community for over 30 years.

Extending Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

An ERP system is an application that brings all aspects of a business together (including customer orders, the supply chain, inventory management, manufacturing, warehousing, and finance), presenting users with a single source of information. One of the most popular and widely used offerings in today’s market is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Every day, over 2.7 million people in over 195 countries use the accurate, real-time data from their Business Central solutions to make critical business decisions.

Beck Consulting’s bcERP series of enhancements builds upon Business Central’s functionality, allowing companies to get even more productivity from their ERP systems. Solutions such as an EDI integration and mobile warehouse management can be used to streamline existing processes, automate tasks, and eliminate errors. These programs are designed with an eye towards flexibility so they may grow and evolve alongside the organizations that are using them.

Person working with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

Quick and Easy Data Transfer

Drawing on their vast experience in developing streamlined shipping solutions, Beck worked in partnership with ShipStation to build bcShipStation. This works as a connector that allows you to seamlessly transfer data from a Business Central environment to the ShipStation platform, thus making your workflow more efficient.

Following the entry of a customer order in Business Central, you can instruct bcShipStation to send this order’s information (for example, the customer, shipping service, and ordered items) to ShipStation. The information is copied to a corresponding order in ShipStation, where it is ready for processing. The data transmission works both ways, as you can send details such as tracking information from ShipStation back to the sales order record in Business Central. This data is recorded in history, making it easy for you to enter a tracking number and call up the exact order in the ERP system.

Simple to Use

One of the greatest benefits to the bcShipStation integration is the minimal ramp-up time. Unlike other applications that require weeks or even months of guided implementation, Business Central users can be up and running on bcShipStation in no time. With intuitive features and an interface that is familiar to anyone who has worked with a Microsoft Office product, bcShipStation is designed with your self-sufficiency in mind. Beyond basic support such as online meetings or email communications with Beck, bcShipStation can be deployed entirely by you. Not only does this model eliminate service costs on the part of the customer, but it also allows companies to roll out bcShipStation according to their timeframes.

Bringing Greater Efficiency to Companies of All Shapes and Sizes

“Our solutions and services are designed to bring automation, efficiency, and accuracy to any Business Central environment, so a partnership with ShipStation is a no-brainer. Being able to instantly create orders and print labels in ShipStation using data from Business Central will significantly streamline business processes, and we’re excited to offer this tool to our customers.”
– Bruno Johansson, CEO of Beck Consulting

Learn more about the ShipStation and Beck Consulting partnership today.

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