ShipStation Spotlight: Summer Sports

July 9, 2021

Summer sports are back

Crowds are back in stadiums throughout Europe. There’s nothing quite like the roar that happens when the home team hits the back of the net or there’s a match winning point in tennis! 

The Euros has been the first major sporting competition to take place since the pandemic started. The excitement of watching live sport being played out in front of large audiences has been a huge boost to patriotic onlookers and armchair fans.

But after a dearth of merchandising sales opportunities for over 15 months, what the Euros represents to online sellers is a huge opportunity to market a lot of new products to very receptive customers.

And it’s not just about football. This summer is set to be a sizzling season with something for everyone. From the Olympics, Wimbledon and the Ryder Cup to the Tour de France, to the Glorious Goodwood and the Henley Regatta, there’s no shortage of sports action to pique every interest.

Better late than never

Now is the time to ride this sporty wave! There’s still time to maximise the excitement of the Euros. 

Of course, shirts for the home teams are selling like hotcakes. This will continue long after the tournament is over! Retro sports fashion is well and truly in at the moment. Top sellers are Germany, France, Netherlands, Portugal and Italy. Don’t be restricted to adult sizes only; mini kits for the kids offer great upselling opportunities too. 

For visitors to the Wimbledon Tennis Championship there are punnets of strawberries and jugs of Pimm’s. Fans at home can also get in the mood with tennis themed mugs, tennis equipment for amateur players and novelty items like racket-shaped salad servers. 

The champion of all sporting events, however, is The Olympics and Paralympics. This is where online retailers can really go to town. Taking place in Japan from 23rd July 2021, this global spectacle generates ecommerce activity that accounts for billions of pounds worldwide. 

Get in the game

You don’t have  be a sports retailer or brand to get in this game. When it comes to the Olympics, the mere nod of association can help products to fly off the online shelves. Limited edition T-shirts or baseball caps featuring Team GB are always popular. In fact, merchandise is likely to have a higher value for this tournament because the event was famously cancelled last year. 

Socially distanced Olympic rings on a jacket, anyone?

‘Athleisure’ wear is boosting the resurgence of sportswear on the fashion scene. So, this summer provides a chance to carry out targeted promotions, particularly aimed at younger consumers. 

This summer might be a great time to launch a loyalty programme or offer some tempting two-for-one gift packs. However, there’s more to consider. Consumers will also be looking at whether their sporting-themed goods are sustainable, carry socially conscious messaging or can be delivered using an eco-friendly shipping option.


This is where we can help. ShipStation syncs, manages and dispatches orders and can combine them into single shipments to reduce unnecessary transportation and mileage. Sports goods can be unusually shaped, bulky, and heavy. ShipStation allows you to focus on enhancing the customer experience, not shipping problems. ShipStation can also automate shipping processes and provide insight into all orders at every stage of fulfilment, giving you visibility across all your selling channels.  

In other words, it can be easy for you to compete at the highest level this summer and increase the odds on your success.

All that’s left to do is to choose which team your brand will get behind.