This Time Next Year: British Jubilee Fever

June 24, 2021

This Time Next Year: British Jubilee Fever


It’s no secret that to anyone in e-commerce that peak selling periods come around on Black Friday, Christmas, and the New Year. Sometimes, though,  once-in-a-lifetime events come along outside of these times that offer new opportunities to grow your brand.


2022 is one of those years thanks to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.


To celebrate the monarch’s seventy years on the throne, the British public will be given an additional public holiday on Friday 3rd June 2022. A packed agenda of events and entertainment to mark the occasion. British fever is coming back!


Patriotism and street parties


Of course, when it comes to jubilees, the UK tends to tap deeply into its sense of patriotism. This will lead to several days of street and garden parties, parades, picnics. With the pandemic in the rearview, there will be an enormous desire to celebrate a brighter future. 


For e-commerce brands and online sellers, the jubilee is a perfect opportunity to get creative with British and royal-themed products to meet consumer demands. Everything from bunting, hats, and tableware to jewelry, flags, and Union Jack merchandise will likely be on the agenda. 


We only have to look back at previous jubilee celebrations to see the impact they have had on retail.  According to research by IMRG, in May 2012 when the country celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, online sales grew 13% year on year and rose by 10% over the previous month


A big winner in 2012 was the supermarket and grocery sectors. They saw sales grow by over 11%. Retail overall also benefited from a much-needed boost following a battering from bad weather. In 2022, which hopefully will be the first year that we’re fully free from Covid restrictions, consumers will feel a similar desire to celebrate.


Designing online stores


Jubilee years, along with other big royal occasions, give physical retailers the chance to deck out their stores in red, white, and blue. The same principle can apply to online merchants too. A well-designed e-commerce store can be themed for the occasion. With a clear value proposition related to a jubilee range, this can help browsing consumers land on the right page at the right time. 


It’s not just the products that will appeal to patriotic shoppers; it’s also about offering those products as part of promotions and strategic campaigns. For the Royal Wedding in 2018, for example, e-commerce retailers offered themed collections. Some showcased everything needed for a royal-themed party including cutlery, napkins, and plastic cups, alongside discounts on garden rugs and gazebos, wedding decorations, and, of course, the obligatory commemorative mugs.  


Spring and Summer 2022 will present a great opportunity. Upselling and cross-selling by offeringing a range of themed products at different price points is a must. Additionally, ensuring that complementary accessories are available to purchase simultaneously is a good idea.


If you haven’t incorporated social media as a channel to drive sales, the jubilee celebrations present a perfect opportunity to start. Compelling photos, strategically used hashtags and competitions can increase engagement quickly. Adding products to posts and stories will also allow customers to follow a direct path to purchase. 


Finally, this event means e-commerce retailers can reinforce their ‘Made in Britain’ credentials. They can pull out all the stops and dispatch their products in Union Jack packaging. This will send a strong patriotic message not just to British buyers, but to international shoppers too. 


It’s never too early to start planning.