Six Weeks of Speed, Part III: EOD Barcodes On Mobile

October 15, 2015

Another week, another 6 Weeks of Speed time-saving feature! For those just joining us, 6 Weeks of Speed is ShipStation’s early holiday gift(s) to you: 6 weeks, 6 features designed to save you time, energy, and of course, money. We’ll sprinkle bonuses in here and there (Unlimited Selling Channels, anyone?) so you have to stay alert to see what’s next! First up was our faster than fast Quick Search. We followed that with Auto Rating.

Today we’re not just saving you time, we’re also saving paper and making your business a bit more green:

End of Day barcodes can now be generated on the ShipStation mobile app, ready to be scanned by your carrier. Formerly, you had to physically print out a SCAN form for USPS packages, hand it to your driver to scan, maybe you got it back, maybe they kept it, but ultimately, it wound up in the trash (or hopefully, recycling!).

No more! Once you select the date for your End of Day forms and click on the total number, you’ll be greeted by a new message:


When you select “View for Scanning”, your barcode will appear, ready to scan by your carrier:


You’ll know which carrier it’s for, the date, and the number of packages in that EOD form—plus the barcode itself—all on one screen. No more paperwork to file away or toss out, just time and trees saved, one EOD barcode at a time.