Six Weeks of Speed, Part IV: Scan to View

October 22, 2015

So far in 6 Weeks of Speed, we’ve gone green, we automated rates, and made Quick Search faster than fast.

This week, we’re going after your physical shipping process: Scan to View barcodes. You can now create a barcode for your packing slips that, when scanned, will pull up the order from anywhere in ShipStation. In the middle of packing an order and need to make a last minute change? Scan the packing slip, pull up the order, and BAM! There it is.

Here’s what it’ll look like on your actual packing slip:


Simple and sleek. Navigate no more with Scan to View and make your warehouse—whether it’s a corner of your garage or a full facility—more efficient than before. All you need to make this work is a USB barcode scanner.

Just like Auto Rating and Quick Search, Scan to View is another way to customize your ShipStation experience. You can learn more about how to enable/disable Scan to View and how to add it to custom packing slips thanks to our Knowledge Base.

Let’s see you get MORE ship done.