Staying In the Black on Cyber Monday

November 28, 2014
cyber monday

Cyber Monday is just around the corner. Are you and your deals ready?

We’ve talked before about preparing for the holidays, but now it is down to the wire. From crafting your deal rollouts to prepping for mobile and social, to discounting shipping rates, here are a few practical ways to keep your Cyber Monday sales rolling in:

Get Your Mobile On

According to studies by IBM, Cyber Monday 2013 showed a 20.6% growth in record online retail sales over 2012. So, optimize the mobile experience for your site and put more emphasis on selling via mobile in 2014. For more about mobile selling and necessary retargeting practices for mobile shoppers who abandon their shopping carts, see this excellent piece at Smarter Commerce Blog.

Plan for your website to fail you

If you run a busy site to begin with, and are effectively promoting your holiday deals starting now, you can expect much higher traffic and possible glitches. Holidays are prime times security breaches as well, which can cause losses that average as much as $500,000 per hour, or $8,000 per minute, according to RSA, the security division of EMC.

Gird your website loins now, and on Cyber Monday monitor all your sites and social channels at every access point, if you have a staff who covers these things or 3rd parties that help, make sure they are “on-call” 24 hours a day during this busy time. AND, pre-plan your responses and communications to customers should any point in the process experience slow-downs or breaks. Murphy’s Law is always more palatable if you have ruthlessly prepared for it. And if the website gods smile on you this time, at least you have a great crisis plan in place for if or when.

Promote shipping rates heavily

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Where you can offer free shipping as a competitive edge, or to encourage your shoppers to buy additional items, do so. Just make sure you are actively promoting whatever shipping promotion you are giving your customers.

Use eye-catching, free graphics

We’re all visual, and including thematic graphics for Cyber Monday and the holidays is a way to catch the attention of buyers. Several of our partners have offered up free (royalty-free, no cost) graphics that you can use. Here are some of our favorites:

BigCommerce recently posted 53 free Black Friday and Cyber Monday images. You can get them here.

Volusion is offering Free Holiday Images and Graphics for Your Online Store.

Make your social outlets sell for you

Use every social source you can effectively manage, and make them truly SELL for you. We’ll cover this more in another post, but there are now many tools that allow your buyers to buy from you from within a post. Check out Soldsie and Pay with Penny.

Promote your Cyber Monday deals on websites set up for that purpose.

One site that offers free Cyber Monday Deals listings is Send your deal to [email protected] to be included in the listing.

The ShipStation team wishes you a fantastic Cyber Monday and a terrific holiday season!


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