Sustainability Makes Sense – New ShipStation eBook

May 14, 2021

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Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, from the twenty-something who loves buying from eco-conscious brands to busy professionals who subscribe to monthly food boxes. 

Protecting our amazing planet is the challenge of our time, and for a lot of ecommerce businesses sustainability is rising up the priority list fast. 

Whether you attribute this change to public campaigners like David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg or general environmental consciousness, the ecommerce industry has a leading role in helping to build a healthier planet.

There is also a growing sense of urgency, something that has been emphasised by societal changes of late. In the UK, ecommerce’s market share peaked at 32.5% in May 2020 – a sudden dramatic rise that has converted countless shoppers to online shopping forever – and that same trend has been seen across the world. 

Sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing profit and, in many cases, sustainability’s a powerful way to make your brand stand out. Knowing exactly where to start can be challenging, so to help we have brought together some ShipStation partners to help you become a more sustainable business.

Contributors include:

Europe’s largest online marketplace conference, Retail Without Borders and its perspective on why ecommerce brands should focus on sustainability. Essentially, why spending time on sustainability is good for humanity, business and customers.

BigCommerce’s advice on how to drive both long-term change and growth, something that’s achieved by paying closer attention to how their customers think and act.

Swanky’s deep dive into the ecommerce revolution and the resurgence of second-hand shopping. Projected to be worth $64 billion by 2024 and twice the size of fast fashion by 2029, the recommerce market shows no signs of slowing down.

DS Smith and the many shapes of sustainable ecommerce. You don’t have to necessarily reshape your business model – sustainability comes in many shapes and forms, especially within the world of packaging.

Packhelp’s look at sustainable packaging that packs a punch and the fact sustainable alternatives can be just as durable, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective as traditional options.

Noissue’s call to action that sustainable needn’t be boring and its proven “use this, not that” mentality that will help you produce more sustainable packaging experiences.

5874 Commerce and the many ways brands can communicate their sustainability successes to customers. Doing something sustainably is one thing, carefully communicating this to consumers is a whole different matter. 

Also included are case studies from leading brands like Teapigs and Rosso Coffee as well as insight from the ShipStation team on topics like sustainable deliveries and returns.

If you’re a proud member of the sustainability ecommerce movement and leading the way, our eBook may inspire new initiatives for your business or reveal that your brand is already thriving. For those just starting their sustainability journey, it’s the perfect place to begin. 

Download our eBook now