Get Ship Done Podcast Episode 2: Urban Native Era: Success Sewn from a Social Movement 

Urban Native Era was started by Joey Montoya (Lipan Apache) in 2012 as a social movement to increase visibility of Indigenous People through social media. When he started capturing the Idle No More protests, Montoya was able to expand the cause’s vision. When he launched UNE’s first line of tshirts in 2013 to broaden their […]

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Get Ship Done: The Podcast Launch

ShipStation’s core mission is to make ecommerce simpler for growing merchants. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we are starting a podcast called Get Ship Done. In this podcast, our host, J.B. Hager will interview successful ecommerce business owners to uncover valuable insight that you can use to become a more impactful ecommerce merchant. […]


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