Tips to Keep The Holiday Sales Momentum Going In 2017

Published on January 4, 2022
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After the busy holiday season, it’s tempting to relax and coast for a few weeks, but a few days off is all you really needed, right? If you want your online store to achieve your sales targets for 2017, now is the time to kick your marketing program into high gear and increase January and February sales.

You have momentum from the holiday season and end-of-year sales, so be sure to take advantage of our tips. You can get additional suggestions from sites like Kissmetrics and CIO.

  • Send out a special offer. Give your holiday shoppers a special bonus to start off the New Year. That could be free shipping or a repeat-customer discount on all purchases by the end of January or February. You know what these shoppers want and you know they like your store, so make it incredibly easy for them to come back and find something else they’ve been wanting.
  • Try a fresh creative approach. If you’ve been selling outdoor gear in front of scenic pictures of mountains, lakes and forests, for instance, consider a different concept. You could show a family using their tent in the backyard, or a bobber and lure in a fish tank. You could also offer special fishing rods for customers who send in a tale about “the one that got away” and post those to your social media accounts. Your goal is to come up with something your customers don’t expect, capture their attention and engage them in new ways so they return to your store.
  • Engage everyone on your email list. The beginning of the year is a natural time to remind customers and prospects that they’ll be receiving exciting new offers from your store this year. And take advantage of this engagement opportunity by sending them a thank you gift, such as a discount or a free add-on product for any purchases made in January.
  • Discount your slow-moving inventory. Almost every store has some items that simply don’t sell as quickly. So, get them moving again with a January clearance sale. Again, you can offer a steep discount, such as half off, or a BOGO program to attract shoppers who know they are getting a bargain.
  • Promote a ‘wish list’ option. Many customers spend big during the last few months of the year, only to find themselves facing big credit card bills in January. So encourage shoppers to add products to a wish list for future purchases. You can then send them regular reminders and cross-sell related products until they’re ready to complete their purchases.
  • Introduce a new product line. One of the best ways to get customers excited in January is to bring in a new product line. Shoppers are always looking for something fresh, and the New Year is the perfect time to attract their interest and get a jump on the competition. Or, as mentioned above, offer a fresh take on an existing product line, and present it as new and improved.
  • Add a New Year theme to your marketing. Do you sell health and fitness products? Digital devices? Home furnishings, books or office supplies? Many types of products lend themselves to a “New Year” promotion. Put yourself in the shoes of your shoppers and think about what items would help them achieve their goals for 2017. This is a very positive strategy for generating new sales from casual shoppers.

Whatever approach makes sense for your ecommerce store, remember that a boost in sales in the beginning of the year can play a big role in helping you reach your financial targets in 2017. Use your creativity, move that inventory, and stay engaged with your customers and you’ll be off to a great start in the New Year.

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