ShipStation User Story Spotlight: Recovery Warriors

January 7, 2016
recovery warriors

We have amazing users who sell great products, and we love to tell the stories about their business and how they use ShipStation. Today’s user success story comes from Recovery Warriors.

Answers by:
Jessica Raymond, Founder & Director

Your story of overcoming an eating disorder and the mentality that surrounded it is compelling on its own, but you turned that journey into something to help anyone else going through it. Was there a specific moment where you realized your story could be used to help?

It took me a while to really own my story and share it with the world. I’m grateful I have, because it has been a catalyst for deep healing and has furthered my mission to bring to light that which is dark. Eating disorders are cloaked in the common threads of anxiety, depression, perfectionism, shame, and low self-worth. Through sharing my story and creating a platform where people can share theirs, we’ve been able to reduce the stigma and give hope that these threads can be unraveled. Our past doesn’t have to define or confine us, but can be a powerful teacher that we can learn and grow from.

From the Rise Up + Recover app to your podcast to workbooks & calendars to Spotify playlists, Recovery Warriors has every medium accounted for! How do you decide what to tackle next, or where to even begin?

I follow my intuition and believe that sometimes you just need to trust your crazy ideas. After finishing a Master’s degree in Geophysics, I had an idea to create an app to help support people through their eating disorder recovery. Despite the resistance from others, I did it. Since the Rise Up + Recover app launched in 2013, it has been used over 2 million times. Whatever comes next from here will undoubtedly contribute to my ultimate goal, to continue to build Recovery Warriors into a multimedia platform that will heal and give hope to millions of people around the world.

How did Recovery Warriors prepare for the holiday shipping season?

Honestly, the holiday season really crept up fast. However, I have an amazing and talented team to support me and incredible services like ShipStation, Shopify and Mailchimp to help us market, sell and distribute. Having these systems in place throughout the year made it much easier and manageable to tackle the extra workload of the holidays.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

As a newcomer to eCommerce, I didn’t really know much about fulfilling orders. Fortunately, I found out about ShipStation early in my journey and they have been there for me every step of the way, providing me with the tools that any experienced online retailer needs to be successful.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

It’s really hard for me to narrow down to one because there are so many features in ShipStation that make shipping effortless and fun! If I had to choose, it would be the ability to print shipping labels in batches because it saves me a lot of time. As a small business owner who takes on multiple roles, time is of essence!

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