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User Success Story | Genius Pack

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We have amazing users who sell great products, and we love to tell their stories about their business and how they use ShipStation. Today’s user success story comes from Genius Pack.

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Alfred Chehebar, Founder & CEO

As someone whose packing is usually disorganized, cluttered, and generally a mess, Genius Pack luggage has blown my mind. After how many frustrating flights was Genius Packs?

It’s interesting because everyone who travels has certain things that they dislike about the experience but they don’t usually express them, they just contain them. For us to launch Genius Pack, the whole idea was taking all of those nuisances and creating the luggage and travel gear that would make the travel experience as convenient as possible.

If you had to pick just one of your products to travel with forever, which would it be?

The Genius Pack 21″ Hardside Carry On Spinner. Anywhere I go I travel Carry On (mostly) so this bag is great, because it’s extremely lightweight but also very strong, and the interior labeled category compartments makes packing quick and easy. I used to spend about 1.5 hours packing, now it takes me about 6 minutes.

You have videos going over almost every product, showing off the ins and outs. What prompted you all to add these and how have they helped with sales?

All of our products are so unique and so only a video can fully demonstrate these features. Almost all of our product pages on our site has their own video, and we’ve seen this drastically increase our conversions, because it shows them the beauty of the product and how the functionality would actually pay for itself in the long run.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

We use ShipStation to generate thousands of packing slips in seconds. We use a lot of custom mapping presets to quickly sift through hundreds of orders in separate batches based on the ITEM #, or the method of shipping selected. We also compare the shipping costs by each carrier and usually select the most cost effective carrier to ship each order, and only a powerful technology like ShipStation would enable us to compare multiple carriers to save on freight. We would never do that research manually.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

Bulk-uploading tracking numbers. Our fulfillment center sends us an excel file each afternoon containing all of the tracking numbers for orders shipped that day, and we take the tracking numbers as well as the corresponding order numbers, and just paste the data into ShipStation and it automatically applies each tracking number to each order, and also generates an instant email to each customer informing them their order has shipped.

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