Welcome to the new ShipStation – Part 1

Published on January 4, 2022
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Every now and then, a refresh needs to happen. Maybe it’s a refresh in your wardrobe, or a new way of thinking about how to go about your daily business. No matter what, it’s a change that makes your life better, easier, and perhaps a bit more colorful. ;)

As we announced last week, ShipStation has undergone a refresh. All this week, we’ll be bringing you new and updated features of the app. Monday – Thursday of this week, we’ll have a daily blog post detailing a section of the changes. Today is all about your new Insights page.

New Dashboards & Data

In ShipStation, we aggregate a lot of data about your orders. Why not use it? We’ve created 5 dashboards with new information about your sales, customers, shipping, and products.

Because they fit in so well with the dashboards we created, we also pulled Reports into this area for a one-stop-shop to get what you need to learn about and manage your business.

The Tray

tray-wholeIn the top-right of every screen of the app, we’ve added an icon tray with five icons. These are tools that you’ll use time and time again while working in the app, so we wanted to make sure they were easily accessible.

The rate calculator has been simplified to get and compare rates more easily. It will remember the settings from the last time you opened it.

import-ordersImporting orders works largely the same, though the “Update All Orders” button is now at the top. This should help those of you who have a large amount of stores be able to update all of them a bit more easily. You’ll also be able to find better details on stores that fail to update.




profile-dropdownMy profile contains links to system alerts, your profile settings, and logging out.




support-dropdownSupport contains links to our release notes, knowledge base, your cases, and live chat (if you’re on a gold or higher plan).




settings-gearThe account settings gear is where you’ll access your preferences (which have been restructured a bit, and will be talked about in a later blog post).


That’s it for the insights portion of the new app. Tomorrow, Angel will give you a breakdown of how order processing and navigation of the orders page has been updated.

Want to just dive right in? Login to your account and click on the “Check out the new version” button in the top bar. Don’t yet have an account?

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