Brand Your Shipments

Extend your brand's identity with branded shipping from ShipStation. It will create a more personalized and memorable experience for customers at no additional cost. ShipStation offers several branding opportunities. From customized emails to tracking pages and more, provide an exceptional and consistent visual identity for your customers and your brand.

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Carrier Labels

Customize your carrier labels. Even if the order comes in a standard box, customization provides a unique opportunity to put a personal touch on one of the least personal aspects of shipping.

Tracking Page

Instead of sending customers to the carrier’s tracking page, ShipStation directs your customers to a branded page that includes tracking information, your logo and color scheme, and links to your social media accounts.

Returns into New Sales

Three out of every four consumers consider ease of returns before they decide who to purchase from. That’s why ShipStation makes it easy for online sellers to offer a hassle-free returns process.

Packing Slips

Packing slips contain a list of items included in the order, but they’re also a great place to add your logo and say “thank you” with a personalized message for the recipient.


Sellers can easily customize their shipping and delivery confirmation emails templates, or other one-off emails to include your company logo, name, social media links, and unique messages.

Returns Portal

With branded returns, customers can visit their own unique portal to initiate a return instead of calling a support agent. This saves you time and also makes it easy to identify trends.

Eric Bandholz, Founder

In ShipStation we can drop our logo right onto the shipping label. It's those small little details that, as a designer, make all the world of difference.

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