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We include your USPS postage account.

It’s built right into the cost of your ShipStation account; no extra account to pay for to get USPS postage. And we’re talking premium-level features, because we like to be extra-awesome.

  • All USPS Mail Classes (including international)
  • Access to First Class Mail rates up to 16 oz.
  • Flat Rate and Regional Rate pricing
  • USPS SCAN Form support

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We connect easily with wherever you sell.

We integrate with most online storefronts, marketplaces, and shopping carts (and we’re adding more all the time). And it’s totally blow-your-mind seamless.

  • Automatic order retrieval from multiple places, with all the info you need
  • Order status and tracking info updates are automatically sent to your stores
  • Customized email confirmations and tracking info sent to your customers
  • Direct, look-ma-no-hands integration with Fulfillment by Amazon

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We’re web-based.

ShipStation lives in the cloud, so you don’t have to install a single thing to get started. You can also use ShipStation in any modern web browser. In other words, anywhere but your parents’ house.

Here are some other things you don’t have to do (you’re welcome):

  • Pay for software IT support (we give you speedy, personal support when you need it)
  • Back up your order data (it’s automatically stored in the cloud)
  • Download sluggish software updates (updates are a click away)
  • Manage servers, VPNs, or user access strategies (none of that here)
  • Make middle-of-the-night “My site’s down, what do I do?” calls to your friend who’s good with computers (tell your friend to get some sleep)

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Ship even when you're away from the computer.

Your business doesn’t just sit at a computer all day, and neither do you. Now you can manage orders, view insights about your business, and even create & print labels back at the office with our mobile app, ShipStation Mobile.

  • See all your orders
  • Add tags & notes to orders
  • Cancel & put orders on hold
  • Edit & verify shipping addresses
  • View & track shipments
  • & more!

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