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Your 2016 Holiday Ship By Dates

The time has come for our annual Holiday Ship By Dates infographic! Download, print, save, or bookmark our handy guide to holiday shipping deadlines.

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Get the ship by dates for US, CA, & AU.

Branding Your Labels & Packing Slips

The packing slip can be an essential & easy part of your marketing strategy. Plus, ShipStation has features that can help you get your brand front & center.

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Adding your logo and some label messages to your shipping label, you’ll put a small but personal touch on the least personable part of shipping.

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Tracking & Delivery Emails

Tracking emails are an essential piece of shipping. They help give your customers peace of mind BUT they’re also a marketing opportunity and a time to give your customer care instructions

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Last December, we rolled out a new feature: the Delivery Email. Simply put, this email is automatically sent when the shipping carrier signals that the package has been delivered to your customer.

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Branded Tracking Page

Instead of sending your customers away from your business to the carrier’s page, you’re sending them to a page featuring not just a map showing where their package currently is, but one with your logo, your website, your social media pages—even your return policy and support contacts!

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Social Media

What is your company doing on social? And what are doing to promote those channels? Can customers review you, tag you in pictures, expect help? Are you linking to social in your emails and on the branded tracking page? If you’re trying to connect with customers, you need to do all of the above and more.

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Marketing Tips

We’ve got some great tips on marketing campaigns, product and bringing your customers back with a post-holiday focus from a great group of guest bloggers. Check them out below!

How to Obtain Repeat Orders From Your Product Shipment

Turn Holiday Shoppers into Loyal Customers Through Segmented Drip Campaigns

Branding Beyond the Holidays

Ship the Season Webinar

This year we’re excited to bring you new and engaging tools to connect your brand with your customers. In our Ship the Season webinar, we’ll cover topics on branding, shipping, and last-minute prepping for this holiday season.

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