Inventory Management

Inventory & Stock Management

ShipStation's inventory management solution helps sellers manage their inventory. Keep track of inventory more efficiently directly within app or on a mobile device.

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Set Inventory Alerts

When stock levels fall below a specific threshold, an alert will indicate that it’s time for a reorder. Additionally, we can warn or block any attempt to ship an order with insufficient or unknown stock availability.

Allocate Stock

Stock allocation allows users to reserve inventory for orders that are awaiting dispatch to ensure inventory is optimised. You set the criteria and hierarchy for which type of orders have products reserved for them first.

Deallocate Stock

If you’ve already allocated stock for your orders, but you no longer need to reserve the stock, you can deallocate stock. Deallocation will release inventory so it can be allocated to other orders, so the product can be deactivated.

View Stock Levels

To view real-time stock counts, inventory can be synced from a third party solution that integrates with ShipStation, sent via an API, or by using ShipStation’s internal inventory solution.

Pick & Pack Faster

To make it easier on those picking and packing each order, packing slips can be customised to include a product’s inventory location.

Manage Inventory

Whether a workstation is near or far, you can view inventory counts and create courier labels while on the go with Mobile Inventory.

Inventory Management Reporting

ShipStation’s Inventory Management solution comes with informative inventory-specific reports. With inventory reporting you can gain real time insights into the amount of inventory you have on hand at a given time and better forecast when to order more or less inventory.

Low Stock Report

View all products with quantities below their reorder threshold.

Out of Stock Orders

See a log of all shipments created for out of stock orders with line item details.

Audit & Status Report

View every time stock is changed or review the stock statuses of a given SKU.

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Francis Ventura, Director of Operation

If we didn’t have ShipStation, we would spend so much time trying to match orders and labels together that we probably wouldn’t have time to fulfill our orders. With ShipStation, it consolidates that and does everything for us.