Cloud Cart Connector

About Cloud Cart Connector

Cloud Cart Connector integrates eCommerce solutions like ShipStation with QuickBooks Online. Like ShipStation, Cloud Cart Connector is a multi-platform solution that integrates with other eCommerce services and solutions. To get started, sign up for a Cloud Cart Connector 7 day free trial today!

Cloud Cart Connector Features We Support

Integrates with Quickbooks Online (US and Canada)

Syncs orders into QuickBooks from ShipStation
To push ShipStation order details into QuickBooks, see connection instructions here

Alternately, you can export orders from Quickbooks into ShipStation
To pull Quickbooks orders into ShipStation, see our article here

Whether you choose to push orders into QuickBooks from ShipStation or vice versa, the following fields sync:
Customer Name, Address, Email, Order #, Product Line Items, Order Date, Date Paid, Order Total, Shipping Cost

ShipStation ♥ Cloud Cart Connector

Cloud Cart Connector makes it easy for you to track your eCommerce sales in Quickbooks Online. ShipStation is here to simplify your self-fulfillment process. Together, we help you manage two critical and overlooked aspects of your online business – shipping and accounting.

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