Connex for Xero

About Connex for Xero

Connex for Xero automatically syncs order data between ShipStation and Xero.

Connex for Xero Features We Support

Order Summary
Easily summarize a day’s orders into a single invoice. Connex will combine items by SKU, shipping, and sales tax onto one order to save time reconciling. Connex can create individual orders and group them by store name.

Automatically Export Xero Orders into ShipStation with a Scheduled Task
To export orders from Xero into ShipStation, view our connection instructions here.

Automatically Sync ShipStation Shipment information into Xero
You can also sync ShipStation shipment information into Xero, learn how here.

Push order data into ShipStation from Xero
Billing Address, Shipping Address, SKU, Quantity, Unit Price, Item Description fields import into ShipStation from Xero.

Export Shipment Data into Xero from ShipStation
Shipping Method, Shipping Date, Tracking Number, Shipping Cost, Order Number, Discounts, Payment Amount and Payment Method fields import to Xero from ShipStation.

Streamlined communication between ShipStation and Orders created in Xero
Sales Orders from Xero import directly into ShipStation with a scheduled task. Shipment information will update in Xero once a label is created in ShipStation.

ShipStation ♥ Connex for Xero

Connex for Xero saves you time when managing your online business. Between Connex and ShipStation, we can help you keep your shipping and accounting information in sync.

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