Craftpeak digitally transforms the way craft breweries, distilleries, and wineries do business through e-commerce and online direct to consumer sales.

About Craftpeak

We founded Craftpeak in 2016, with the intention of making websites as amazing and specialized as your beer. Since then, we’ve created professional business solutions to help craft breweries thrive online.

We are passionate about craft beer and inspired by the nature, art, science, creativity, hard work, and humanity that is required to build great craft beer brands. Our team leads with a strong desire to bring our core values of integrity, consistency, compassion, and transparency to every interaction.


  • Online Direct to Consumer Beer Sales: provide convenient access to beers and direct-to-consumer channels for breweries to sell more beer at higher margins, connect with consumers, and differentiate themselves through the experiences.
  • Membership Clubs/Bottle Societies: provide both a reliable and high-margin sales channel and a way to reward their most passionate supporters.
  • Beer Finder/Product Finder: an automated tool that connects consumers with beers at retail accounts, improving the customer service experience and boosting sales to all three tiers simultaneously.
  • Craft Beverage Websites: Craftpeak’s Web Solutions help breweries extend their real-world taproom experiences, online. We provide the right people, technology, and strategy to help breweries differentiate, drive sales, and develop meaningful connections with customers.


Successful e-commerce in the craft beverage industry means knowing how to sell, package, and ship beer in a cost-effective way while providing a great consumer experience. We’ve partnered with industry experts ShipStation to help our clients compete in today’s evolving landscape.

ShipStation is a perfect partner to help our beverage customers maximize their online and direct to consumer sales channels while creating a cohesive end-to-end brand experience.


  • WooCommerce

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