Included with every ShipStation account is the ability to add orders via CSV (comma-separated values) file import. Map your fields, import orders, and get ship done.

About CSV Imports

CSV and tab delimited files make importing your orders into ShipStation an easy and straightforward process. Even if your preferred shopping cart and/or marketplace isn’t among our extensive list of partners, you’ll still be able to export your existing orders as a CSV or tab delimited file for easy import into other platforms.

Importing into ShipStation requires just a tiny bit of work from you: namely, you need to set-up your CSV import mapping so ShipStation knows which fields go where in our system. To dig deep into that process, just click here to read our knowledge base article.

Best part about setting those mappings? You can save as many different configurations as you need based on the manual store you selected for these orders! Just make sure the order numbers in the CSV file are unique—duplicate order numbers will not import into ShipStation.

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