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About Demac Media

By helping over 100 commerce companies identify opportunities around revenue growth, market reach, and operational efficiency in their online businesses, Demac Media stands by their methodology of approaching projects in an agile manner structured around three key phases: Plan, Build and Grow. By structuring projects this way, they are able to provide a clear road map to conquer your goals.

Demac Media Key Features

The Demac team will structure their planning stage activities for identifying and evaluating your current online commerce store, strategy and processes. This question-driven approach is to help them build an agile road map which will outline the urgent, immediate, and long-term features and functionality your company needs to be successful.  Results:

  • Team alignment on goals, strategy, requirements priority and road map delivery over the next 30, 60 and 90 days.
  • In-depth process analysis in marketing, merchandising and accounting to better understand pain points and adjustments.
  • In-depth technical analysis including but not limited to platform, infrastructure, user experience, integrations, and analytics.
  • Defined and prioritized feature list.
  • Market analysis report of 2 major competitors.
  • Defined Information architecture: Product Taxonomy and user flow for the next 12 months to help guide upcoming decisions.

Based on priority defined by both teams, Demac Media begins executing on the functional requirements document. After each milestone, a feedback loop is initiated to confirm progress and adjustments. Results:

  • Wireframes: Outlined and designed wireframes for decided upon minimal viable product to capture content, establish functionality and define the relationships between different screen templates.
  • Artboards: Two different artboard themes reflecting a defined branding style delivered through InVision. You will walk away with either one of the options or a combination of the two.
  • User experience: Review of artboards to ensure the site is easy to navigate from a business and consumer perspective. Demac will also identify potential A/B testing for conversion optimization. Front end development team validates the user interface.
  • Front End Development: Responsive build out of prioritized requirements with ongoing QA and adjustments to reach desired goals.
  • Back End Development: Build out of prioritized integrations and environment. Customization of the platform will occur at this time based on urgent and immediate functionality. We take into account platform updates, security and performance standards.
  • Launch: After in-depth QA and feedback adjustments the changes are shipped to production.

The grow services give you access to the Demac Media in-house digital marketing experts. They will work with you to define outcomes and the digital methods you’d like to pursue. Each activity initiates a feedback loop to adjust goals and monthly dashboard review. List of Activities:

  • Data Analysis
  • Search Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Google

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