DS Smith ePack is the one-stop-shop for your ecommerce packaging providing sustainable and custom branded packaging solutions. Everything you need to create an impressive unboxing experience!

About DS Smith ePack

DS Smith ePack is your one-stop-shop for ecommerce packaging. Their product range boasts a wide offering of packaging, meaning, you can find the perfect packaging for your products whether your ecommerce is in cosmetics, clothing, accessories, jewelry, home and garden, coffee, wine and beer subscription boxes, and more. Whatever product you want to ship: DS Smith ePack helps you to find the best packaging solution.
On DS Smith ePack you can custom print over 120 different box types, adding to the value perception of the product and of your brand as a whole. And the best part? You do not need to wait weeks for your packaging to arrive! From the placement of the order to delivery it only takes them 5 working days to complete your branded packaging.
Sustainability is important to you and your customers, and it is for DS Smith ePack too! Over 90% of their product range is recyclable and all prints use water-based ink, showcasing DS Smith’s vision to be a leader in sustainable packaging solutions.


  • Largest online offer of specialized ecommerce packaging
  • Custom printing in only 5 business days
  • Over 90% of our range is sustainable
  • Industry-leading packaging innovations
  • Proudly manufactured in the UK

ShipStation ♥ DS Smith ePack

ShipStation and DS Smith ePack are empowering ecommerce companies to grow their businesses and deliver the best customer experience from order and delivery management to the custom branded packaging their products are shipped in.


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