Freestyle Solutions

About Freestyle Solutions

Freestyle Solutions order and inventory management solutions empower retailers to effectively manage the order fulfillment process across multiple distribution and sales channels. It streamlines the entire order lifecycle, from order capture and payment processing to shipping and customer communications, while enabling a unified view of order, inventory, customer and product information. Available in both cloud and on-premise delivery models, Freestyle software is highly scalable, configurable, and can be easily integrated through RESTful APIs with frontend, backend and other third party systems including Magento, Amazon, eBay & more.

Freestyle Solutions Features We Support

Multi-Channel Order Management
Manage orders across all sales channels, including your Magento store(s), eBay and Amazon in one solution. Process orders in batches to get them out faster!

Real-Time Inventory Updates
Ensure accurate inventory across all sales channels to avoid stock out situations. Make better buying decisions with up-to-date inventory data, low stock levels alerts, and detailed reports, giving you better control and insight into your business.

Multi-Warehouse Functionality
Manage multiple warehouses and/or multiple bins per product within Freestyle. Pick and pack in Freestyle, then seamlessly send orders to ShipStation for shipping.

Automated Shipping Confirmations
As soon as you ship, Freestyle is updated with the Carrier, Service and Tracking Number. Freestyle automatically updates the customer and sales channel with the same information.

Accounting Integration with QuickBooks
Connect your QuickBooks accounting software to Freestyle to keep your business finances in check.

ShipStation ♥ Freestyle Solutions

Combining Freestyle Solutions’ easy-to-use, online inventory and order management solution with ShipStation’s leading web-based shipping tool ensures the best possible experience for online sellers and their customers.


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