About Kibo

Kibo is the modern cloud commerce platform that simplifies enterprise commerce. Kibo drives top-line revenue by delivering unified customer experiences, ensuring clients can react quickly to changing trends and meet customers where they already are. The Kibo platform optimizes the bottom line by increasing marketing agility, reducing time spent on site changes and marketing updates. The platform’s best-in-breed technology focuses on flexibility and innovation, keeping Kibo’s clients on top of technology trends with effortless platform updates.


  • Synchronize & Fulfill your Kibo Orders Using Your Preferred Carriers & Providers
  • Automatically Transmit Shipment Information Back to Kibo
  • Consolidate orders from Kibo and wherever else you sell
  • Batch create hundreds of labels at a time across multiple carriers
  • Setup multiple printers wirelessly and share with your team
  • Streamline any manual task with ShipStation’s automation features
  • Access ShipStation anywhere via web browser and iOS or Android mobile app
  • Generate Return Labels and RMAs
  • Manage Inventory & Stock Level Tracking

ShipStation ♥ Kibo

The Kibo and ShipStation integration seamlessly imports orders from Kibo to ShipStation with the click of a button. Once Kibo orders import into ShipStation, online sellers can manage and fulfill their orders across various shipping carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and more. ShipStation is excited to partner with Kibo to help you ship more efficiently!

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