About Praella

Praella is a full-service ecommerce agency that connects the beauty of user-driven design and intelligence of user data. With an industry-leading partner and technology stack with partners like Shopify Plus and Shipstation, they leverage the power, scalability, and fluidity of Shopify Plus to create beautiful user-experiences and to expedite revenue growth; and partners like ShipStation to streamline business processes for merchants.


Data Driven
Fully data-driven objective design, development, and ecommerce strategy process

Shopify Plus Agency and Partner
Praella works with enterprise ecommerce clients to improve conversion and retention rates, order value, and customer-based advocacy.

Ecommerce Integrations
Praella can integrate your business’ favorite platforms like Salesforce, Quickbooks, and more– making for a streamlined, cohesive experience on the front and back-ends of your ecommerce store.

On-going Support
Praella will work with your company even after launch. They will help you work through any question, challenge, or opportunity you may have.

ShipStation ♥ Praella

Praella and ShipStation partner to enable merchants to maximize and streamline their ecommerce fulfillment. Our collaborative effort empowers and enables ecommerce merchants to work on their craft, instead of for their business.

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