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About Rocket Code

Rocket Code is proud to build solutions that fuel revenue and profit growth for ambitious brands. All of their work obsesses over performance-driven interfaces, rock-solid engineering, and complete experiences that transform casual shoppers into loyal customers.

Rocket Code aligns your business goals with market research and their imaginative thinking to produce strategies that make sense. Interface designs are carefully constructed to unlock the full potential of every customer interaction. Solutions are built to last using the latest best practices, industry standard, and emerging techniques that support growth. Empirical A/B and multivariate tests maximize your revenue per visitor by optimizing your entire commerce funnel using science – not guesswork.

Rocket Code Features We Support

Full Stack Services:
They do it all – creating strategy that’s unique to your business, design that extends you brand through the eCommerce experience, and in-house front-end and back-end development with the chops to make the impossible possible

Unique requirements don’t scare them. Their team digs deeps to understand your requirements and will go to the moon to develop solutions to meet your needs.

Depth of Experience:
They’ve worked with some of Shopify Plus’s top enterprise brands since Shopify Plus was brand new. They’ve grown up with the platform and know it through and through. Not on Shopify Plus? No problem they develop on a range of platforms!


ShipStation ♥ Rocket Code

Shipping can be unnecessarily complicated and inefficient. If you’re experiencing frustration with shipping and fulfillment, struggling to scale, think your requirements are too complicated or require too much customization, allow us to demonstrate why ShipStation loves Rocket Code! Rocket Code excels when the struggle is real and they leverage great tools like ShipStation to make magic happen.

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