Seller Accountant provides accounting services to drive profitability for 3rd party merchants and other online retailers. Their goal is to increase financial visibility and security.

About Seller Accountant

Seller Accountant provides specialized accounting services for growing e-commerce sellers who need financial visibility and controls to continue growing or position for a sale. Seller Accountant sets up scalable accounting systems and then either manages those systems on a month to month basis or provides the training to turn day to day management back over to the seller. They also assist eCommerce businesses with mergers and acquisitions by providing fidelity and valuation audits.

Seller Accountant Services We Support

System Setup:
Their team uses Quickbooks Online and other apps to turn your financial mess into an optimized and scalable accounting system.

Ongoing Outsourced Accounting Services:
Focus your time and energy on growing your business and let the eCommerce experts at Seller Accountant tackle your reconciliations, accounts payable, sales tax software management, payroll, profitability analysis and more. There’s no contract and accuracy is guaranteed!

eCommerce Expertise:
Does your accountant really understand eCommerce? Their team only serves eCommerce sellers and is fully immersed in the industry. Instead of fitting their clients into a normal accounting model they have created a specialized system that produces superior results for sellers.

Exit Planning:
Do you plan to sell your online store or your brand in the future? Seller Accountant can help you get ready so that you can get top dollar for your business.

Forensic Accounting:
Buying another business is scary because you don’t know if the provided financials tell the full story. Seller Accountant aides in your due diligence by validating the financials and then by benchmarking the target’s performance against the industry

ShipStation ♥ Seller Accountant

Online sellers love ShipStation and Seller Accountant because they become more profitable while the two huge headaches of shipping across channels and financial management disappear. Learn more about how ShipStation and Seller Accountant work together to streamline your eCommerce operation.



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