SiteGeek is a digital marketing agency that provides proven methods based on results and is also process-driven to ensure that customers get the best value journey even beyond the order.

About SiteGeek

SiteGeek is a process-driven digital marketing agency that delivers way beyond your website. The agency provides a unique service that looks at your entire customer value journey to ensure that from the moment your customers discover you, their experience is one that you will benefit from when they turn into raging fans for your brand.

Your customer journey is 8 stages of the human to human relationship, that if followed properly takes the customer through Awareness, Engagement, Subscription, Conversion, Excitement, Ascension, Advocates and Promotion. Following this methodology means that you get customers that return to your business over and over and over, increasing your turnover and creating you a referral network that will help you grow your business for years to come.

What SiteGeek Does

  • Creation of marketing and processes that complement each other
  • In-house skills that will see a project from start to finish
  • A proven track record for customer growth
  • Complete understanding of your business and its goals

ShipStation ♥ SiteGeek

ShipStation is dedicated to partnering with companies like SiteGeek that help our users grow and optimize their businesses. ShipStation and SiteGeek work together to help you achieve a streamlined ecommerce and shipping experience.

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