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Storenvy is home to indie brands and inspired goods. It’s a place where you can launch a custom store in minutes and sell on a unique marketplace!

About Storenvy

Storenvy is a marketplace and storefront solution for indie and hand-crafted business owners, which means we provide two ways to reach shoppers. Storenvy’s large network of partners/plug-in applications offers additional features for your ecommerce store. ShipStation’s Storenvy integration supports quick printing of pre-paid shipping labels for all Storenvy orders. Streamline Storenvy fulfillment by connecting your store to ShipStation today!

Storenvy Features We Support

Tracking #’s
Tracking #, Carrier Name submitted back to Storenvy when order is shipped.

Notes to buyers
Send friendly notes to your buyers when fulfilling orders.

Variant name & SKU
Variant Name (added to Product Name) and SKUs (1 variant SKU/order) are imported.

ShipStation ♥ Storenvy

Storenvy offers both a marketplace and a storefront to its customers. Once you connect Storenvy to ShipStation, your orders get imported automatically, and then you’ll be able to quickly fulfill and ship all your orders. Streamline Storenvy fulfillment by connecting your store to ShipStation today!



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