The leading cloud-based business suite for SMBs supporting B2B and B2C ecommerce, inventory, marketing, quoting and invoicing, customer experience, and sales/CRM.

About Systum

Systum is a sophisticated, cloud-based business suite that solves the top issues facing SMB owners today. They replace your existing software with a single integrated platform supporting B2B and B2C e-commerce, marketing, quoting and invoicing, inventory and shipping, customer experience and sales/CRM.

Systum Features We Support

Marketing and Lead Gen:
Quickly set up and deliver campaigns with Systum. See how marketing is performing. Correlate email offers, adwords campaign, coupons and point-of-purchase promotions directly to sales activity for true Marketing ROI.

Build an e-commerce site with Systum templates. Find out what retail channels are seeing the most activity and what products are hot. Manage all your e-channels from Systum.

Sales Management:
Systum handles quotas and actuals, levels of attainment and remaining forecast. Sales teams get instant access to key measures such as sales pipeline, quotes and orders fulfilled.

Inventory, order management, and shipping:
Track, maintain, restock and view inventory levels from anywhere at any time, across multiple warehouses. Analytics show total inventory cost and forecasts for re-ordering. ShipStation provides a fully integrated shipping solution.

Quoting, billing, and CRM:
See invoices, bills, and quotes. View purchase orders, track order statuses and automatically update inventory all in one location. Track deals, sales, and forecasts. View customer support calls, backlog inflow and outflow, submissions over time and open cases by created date.

ShipStation ♥ Systum

Systum integrates information for all modules, from Marketing to Sales. With ShipStation and Systum, you get role-based analytic reports on every aspect of your operation including shipping. 

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