About Tanga

If your products aren’t on Tanga yet, you’re missing out on impulse buyer’s paradise! As a marketplace of thousands of deals, Tanga specializes in matching products to people. Tanga customers are shop-a-holics, addicted to the thrill of discovering exciting new products at no-brainer prices.

Tanga Features We Support

Easy Setup
Connect your Tanga account to ShipStation in seconds.

Order Sync
Sync orders from Tanga with one click. All your order data, including customer product, address, and more import with the order.

Product Information
All necessary product details (item name, SKU, weight, images, etc.) import with the order. All you have to do is pack the order.

Automated Shipping Updates
After shipping label creation, we send the carrier, tracking number, and shipping status back to Tanga to provide tracking notifications to the customer

Product Personalization Available
Do you sell products that require some level of personalization info from the customer? No problem-o!

ShipStation ♥ Tanga

Spend less time shipping, more time selling! Tanga’s marketplace of deals integrates seamlessly with ShipStation, making fulfilling all of your Tanga orders a breeze.

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