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DEAR Systems and ShipStation Announce Integration

April 28, 2015

ShipStation, the leading web-based e-commerce shipping solution, announced an integration with DEAR Systems, a cloud-based inventory management application.

DEAR Systems provides the ability to manage all customers, suppliers, products, purchases and sales in one platform. With the integration of ShipStation, DEAR customers will be able to more effectively handle order fulfillment.

“DEAR Inventory is a truly connected platform, which helps customers streamline backend business processes through powerful order and inventory management features,” says Allan Pinkerton, Communications Manager at DEAR Systems. “Our seamless integration with ShipStation ensures that customers can now automate and simplify order fulfillment in their business.”

In addition, DEAR customers will be able to monitor package tracking for all orders. Tracking numbers will be automatically sent from ShipStation back to the DEAR Systems application.

“Inventory management is a critical component of running a retail business,” says Robert Gilbreath, ShipStation Vice President of Marketing. “ShipStation is pleased to complement the DEAR Systems application with our ability to make every online seller, wherever they sell and however they ship, exceptionally efficient at fulfilling orders.”

About DEAR Systems

DEAR is a comprehensive cloud based inventory management application designed to help small businesses get better visibility of orders and inventory across all sales channels and locations. Offering complete backend management with Purchasing, Sales, Warehouse Management, Light Manufacturing and eCommerce integration capabilities, DEAR is a must have for any business owner looking to accurately and efficiently manage inventory. For more information, visit https://dearsystems.com/inventory-software/.

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