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ShipStation Launches Integration with StageBloc

January 27, 2015

Today ShipStation, the leading web-based e-commerce shipping solution, announced an integration with StageBloc, a platform that offers commerce, marketing and community management solutions.

StageBloc is a one-stop shop for musicians, businesses and non-profits that need a robust online platform, where they can not only sell products and services, but offer interactive ways to connect with fans and customers, as well as market to them through e-mail, social media, and mobile.

“StageBloc is committed to enabling our users to easily fulfill the products they are selling. With the wide use of ShipStation in the industry and especially easy usage when combined with StageBloc, this integration is a no-brainer,“ says Josh Holat, StageBloc CTO. “We’ve worked closely with ShipStation on the integration and are very excited to be bringing the simplicity of both our offerings together.”

ShipStation’s integration with StageBloc streamlines the shipping experience for StageBloc users. Sellers will quickly be able to sync and organize their online orders from StageBloc, find the lowest shipping prices, batch process shipping labels and invoices, and more.

“ShipStation’s mission is to make every seller, wherever they sell and however they ship exceptionally efficient,” says Robert Gilbreath, ShipStation’s Vice President of Marketing. “Through our integration with StageBloc, we provide the final piece to help merchants on this powerful platform use the latest efficiencies in importing orders, managing them, and fulfilling and shipping products.”

About StageBloc

StageBloc is a powerful platform that helps users better understand and connect with their audience and own their digital relationships. By combining community, commerce and marketing tools, StageBloc helps you consolidate your digital identity into a single place and use the resulting data to gain new insights and make better business decisions. Since 2013, StageBloc has attracted brands from major music artists to businesses and nonprofits. For more information, visit https://www.stagebloc.com.

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