The Ultimate SMB Holiday Prep Guide

United States

Curious what impact COVID-19 has had on small-and-medium-sized businesses in the United States? Get your business holiday-ready with access to new research on consumer expectations, an actionable holiday prep checklist, and insight from industry leaders.

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Did you know 68% of consumers said that COVID-19 has made them more aware of local/independent brands they can support? New survey data of 600 online shoppers in the United States shows that ecommerce consumers are supporting SMBs more than ever before.

Download your copy of ShipStation’s The Ultimate SMB Holiday Prep Guide to learn how the pandemic has impacted small, local, and independent businesses, and better understand what you can do to keep up with the shift in ecommerce and buyer behavior.

Download the guide for access to:

  • New research on U.S. consumer expectations 
  • A month-by-month holiday prep checklist 
  • Insight on best practices from contributing partners

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