avalara and legnow webinar Shipping Basics
Expanding Into International Markets Part 2: Key Things to Consider in Local Markets

Welcome to part two in our four-part blog series. We highlight what was covered in a recent webinar – which you can access on-demand – brought to you by experts from Lengow, Avalara, and of course, us here at ShipStation. Together, our three platforms can help you succeed in product feed management, cross-border duties and […]

Shipping Basics
Expanding Into International Markets Part 1: Deciding Factors & Choosing the Right Channels

The global ecommerce market is expected to total $4.89 trillion in 2021. And according to Forrester, cross-border transactions will outperform domestic transactions by 17% between 2017 and 2022. So there’s never been a better time to expand into new international markets. But a profitable expansion requires a detailed and dynamic plan that considers technology, business […]

shipstation uk preparing for the holidays Holiday
How to Prepare for the Holidays Post-Pandemic

Every part of your ecommerce business is going to experience an influx of some kind or another during the holidays. Your website will see more traffic. Your customer service representatives will field more phone calls. And your packing and shipping area will process more orders. With the pandemic starting to ease and Peak season just […]

Try Before You Buy Ecommerce Guide Selling Channels
Try Before You Buy: The Next Ecommerce Trend

Try Before You Buy provides online shoppers a try-on experience that was once exclusive to physical retail store locations. Now, it’s taking over ecommerce.

Shipping News
How To Retain Your Ecommerce Customers After the Pandemic

You don’t need us to tell you that 2020 and 2021 have been extraordinary years. Despite all the challenges, you may have also experienced some of your most profitable months on record, as those forced into lockdown suddenly shopped online for the first time.  This was reflected across the world. 2020 was a turning point […]

Person using sustainable packaging for small business. Shipping News
Sustainable Packaging Options for Small Businesses

As more businesses become environmentally conscious, it’s important to know sustainable packaging options. Learn more about them from our partner, Sendle.

Not on The High Street Feature Image Case Studies
Me and My Car Saves Two Minutes per Order, Hours per Day with ShipStation

Me and My Car, an online retailer selling on Not On The High Street and other online marketplaces, has saved minutes per order, hours per day with ShipStation.

Selling Channels
How to Improve the Online Checkout Experience to Win Loyal Customers

Guest post from our partner, Linnworks. Take control of online selling with Linnworks Total Commerce platform. Linnworks helps you grow, automate and control your business, meeting customers exactly where they are and capturing every revenue opportunity. The cloud-based software seamlessly connects and automates all of the processes related to multichannel selling, allowing businesses to manage […]

Matalan UK and SHIFT Commerce logos with plus sign in between to indicate partnership Case Studies
How Matalan Shipped Over 1 Million Orders During Pandemic with Fulfil-from-Store

For over 30 years, Matalan has been on a mission to provide outstanding quality and value for modern families. As one of the leading omni-channel retailers in the UK, they operate over 200 retail locations spread across the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. The fastest growing sector of their business now, however, is ecommerce.  […]

ShipStation Joins the Shopify Plus Certified App Program

The Shopify Plus Certified App program hand-selects apps that deliver quality, service, and the ability to solve the ever-increasing complex needs of fast-growing merchants. ShipStation has now joined this program. In the past 10 years, ShipStation has powered unparalleled shipping experiences for tens of billions in GMV – and counting. Tens of thousands of Shopify […]


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