ShipStation Subprocessors for EU

Last updated: June 15, 2021

ShipStation uses certain subprocessors to support the delivery of its products and services.


Purpose of Subprocessing


Algolia, Inc.

Site search platform

Atlassian, Inc.

Project management

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Cloud service provider

Delighted, LLC

Survey software

Dialpad, Inc.

Communication platform

Formagrid, Inc. dba AirTable

Collaboration service

Revenue intelligence platform

Google LLC

Workspace tools

HubSpot, Inc.

Marketing and sales services

LogRocket, Inc.

Customer experience management

Looker Data Sciences, Inc.

Data analytics platform


Product management, Inc.

Product analytics

ProductBoard, Inc.

Product management software

Recurly, Inc.

Subscription management platform, Inc.

CRM platform, Inc.

Customer data platform

Sendgrid, Inc.

Email support services

Slack Technologies, Inc.

Communication services

SumoLogic, Inc.

Machine data analytics Inc.

Workflow automation

Zendesk Inc.

Customer support services

Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Communication services