Order Management System

ShipStation’s order management software helps you organize your ecommerce orders easily and effectively. With ShipStation we provide several ways to manage all of your online orders and automate many tasks associated with order fulfillment.

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Combine Orders

When there are multiple orders for the same shipping address, ShipStation will alert a user and have them combine the order into a single shipment and shipping label while maintaining the integrity of each order.

Split Orders

When shipping a single order with items from different locations, ShipStation allows you to split orders into multiple shipments.

Filter Orders

Filters allow you to view orders that match only your selected criteria, like destination, tag, store, and many others. Combine filters for a powerful way to quickly view and prioritize orders or flag orders that need special attention.


ShipStation has pre-built alerts to notify a user when an action needs to be taken. Order alerts let you know if you need to combine orders, when an item has reached its product threshold, and much more.

Order Tags

Order tags are color-coded labels used to mark orders based on a unique identifier. With tags, you can view, sort, and filter orders based on specific criteria. There’s also no limit to the number of tags you can use.

Edit Orders

There are times when order details change, which is why ShipStation allows you to edit order details even after the import has taken place. These details include address, payment, item details, and order notes.

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Order Management Reporting

With ShipStation you can quickly view, filter, and export the data you need for orders, individually or grouped. Each report has various filter options to help you export only the data you need, whether the data is within a specific date range or from a specific store or carrier account.

Order Reports

The order reports pulls data specific to synced orders that have been either imported, or created in ShipStation.

Product Reports

The products report pulls data specific to the products included on order records in ShipStation or products included on orders with returns.

Shipment Reports

The shipments report pulls data specific to shipment records in ShipStation. These reports do not include fulfillments, orders marked as shipped, or orders updated to the “Shipped” status via store updates.

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Saddleback Leather Co.

Shawn Wyatt, Systems Supervisor

“ShipStation is very easy to use and setup. We are able to have all of our different marketplace orders flow into one queue to allow us to bulk process and speed up our shipping process.”

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