Stop Overpaying for International
Shipping with GlobalPost

How ShipStation and GlobalPost Help Merchants Sell and Ship Worldwide Without the Hassle

No more customs forms. No more HS codes. No more hassle!

With access to GlobalPost’s carrier services directly from ShipStation, it’s simple for small to medium-sized ecommerce businesses to ship seamlessly to more the 200 countries* and save up to 78% on GlobalPost Economy!

GlobalPost’s diverse delivery network ensures your package is paired with the best last-mile carriers. Packages are sorted and processed at one of GlobalPost’s 15 domestic facilities for simplified, economical shipping all around the world.

ShipStation + GlobalPost Advantages

  • Discounts up to 78% off GlobalPost Economy
  • No customs forms needed
  • No First-Class Mail International flat restrictions
  • Free duty/tax calculations
  • Free harmonized tariff (HS) code lookups
  • Dedicated phone & email support
  • Enhanced tracking

The ShipStation Advantage

ShipStation simplifies the order management and shipping experience by allowing you to integrate all of your selling channels and carrier accounts. From branded shipping to customizable shipping reports, we provide you with everything you need to easily manage your orders and keep customers happy. Spend more time selling and less time shipping with just a few clicks.

Create Shipping Labels

Import orders from over 70 sources, connect to and compare rates from more than 40 carriers, and print labels and shipping documents in a snap.

Automate Shipping Tasks

Create simple or sophisticated rules to run automatically every time an order comes in, saving you time that’s wasted on manual shipping tasks.

Branded Shipping

Enhance the shipping experience by putting your brand on labels, packing slips, tracking pages, email notifications, and a customer returns portal.

Create a Seamless Returns Process

Either include a return label with each shipment or direct your customers to a branded returns portal so they can print a return label on their own.

Advanced Shipping Insights

With over 20 pre-formatted reports available right out of the box, it’s easy to turn order and shipping data into action.

Reduce Human Error

Quickly scan picked products to ensure they match the order within ShipStation to reduce order rate and returns.

Manage Inventory

With over 20 pre-formatted reports available right out of the box, it’s easy to turn order and shipping data into action.

Manage Shipments from Anywhere

Don’t be tied to a desk. Manage shipments on the go with the ShipStation Mobile App.

GlobalPost Services Available in ShipStation

  • GlobalPost Economy International
  • GlobalPost Standard International
  • GlobalPost SmartSaver Economy International
  • GlobalPost SmartSaver Standard International 
  • USPS Canada DDP

Save an Additional 30%
with GlobalPost SmartSaver!

Don’t miss out on the cost benefits of bundling your shipments. With GlobalPost SmartSaver, your pre-bundled packages are sent, picked up, or dropped off at one of GlobalPost’s 15 convenient sorting facilities. Your package is then consolidated with other packages heading to the same destination. Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use GlobalPost?

GlobalPost carrier services are available on all ShipStation plans through the Carrier Service Network, with no additional fee to access their great rates. You just pay for the postage!

Is there a minimum number of packages I must ship to use GlobalPost?

No. Whether you ship one package a week or thousands a day, you can take advantage of the cost savings and efficiencies GlobalPost has to offer.

If you ship at least five international shipments per day, you may be eligible for up to 30% more off your shipping costs through GlobalPost’s SmartSaver program.

Is insurance coverage included on GlobalPost shipments?

Yes! GlobalPost Standard shipments include default loss/damage coverage up to $100. Economy shipments do not include any default coverage, however, you can add Shipsurance to GlobalPost shipments with a maximum declared value of $400.

What is the process for filing an insurance claim?

Even though GlobalPost partners with other carrier networks to deliver your packages, the claims process is completely separate. This means a better claims experience for our merchants. Should any of your GlobalPost shipments become lost or damaged in transit, you can file a claim within 90 days of the shipment date.

No customs forms? How does that work?

When you process your order in ShipStation will submit the customs information electronically and the GlobalPost fulfillment team will include the necessary customs documents when the package is relabeled at their sorting facility.

How do I sign up for the SmartSaver program?

GlobalPost SmartSaver services are available for accounts that ship more than 5 international packages per day (on average) with GlobalPost. Visit the Help Center for information on how to apply.

What is the USPS Canada DDP option through GlobalPost?

First-Class Mail International® improves your international delivery experience with prepaid duties and taxes! Now available for all US-originating shipments to Canada, you can opt to deliver duties paid (DDP) for one flat rate plus postage. This USPS service is only available through GlobalPost and is available for all Canada shipments under 4lbs.


First-Class Mail International® $9.95
Priority Mail International® $9.95
Priority Mail Express International® $9.95


Note: All shipments sent via Canada DDP have a value cap of $400.

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