ShipStation & ParcelGuard

Ship with Peace of Mind Using ParcelGuard’s Shipping Coverage

Cover Your Shipments for Less

ShipStation offers direct access to discounted shipping insurance through ParcelGuard’s coverage. Within your ShipStation account, you can you can protect both your branded and unbranded packages against damages and theft by selecting “ParcelGuard” when shipping your packages. There is no need to sign up for a ParcelGuard online account; you already have it through ShipStation Carrier Services. Whether you insure packages one-by-one or set up automation rules to cover your shipments automatically, ParcelGuard discounted eCommerce coverage services are available to you.

Learn more in ParcelGuard’s Terms and Conditions.

ParcelGuard Benefits

  • Save up to 67% off carrier insurance
  • Full coverage on both branded and unbranded packages
  • Coverage includes lost, stolen, and damaged packages
  • Pay using the ShipStation Balance
  • File claims directly in ShipStation
  • A-rated underwriter

The ShipStation Advantage

ShipStation simplifies the order management and shipping experience by allowing you to integrate all of your selling channels and carrier accounts. From branded shipping to customizable shipping reports, we provide you with everything you need to easily manage your orders and keep customers happy. Spend more time selling and less time shipping with just a few clicks.

Create Shipping Labels

Import orders from over 70 sources, connect to and compare rates from more than 40 carriers, and print labels and shipping documents in a snap.

Automate Shipping Tasks

Create simple or sophisticated rules to run automatically every time an order comes in, saving you time that’s wasted on manual shipping tasks.

Branded Shipping

Enhance the shipping experience by putting your brand on labels, packing slips, tracking pages, email notifications, and a customer returns portal.

Create a Seamless Returns Process

Either include a return label with each shipment or direct your customers to a branded returns portal so they can print a return label on their own.

Advanced Shipping Insights

With over 20 pre-formatted reports available right out of the box, it’s easy to turn order and shipping data into action.

Reduce Human Error

Quickly scan picked products to ensure they match the order within ShipStation to reduce order rate and returns.

Manage Inventory

With over 20 pre-formatted reports available right out of the box, it’s easy to turn order and shipping data into action.

Manage Shipments from Anywhere

Don’t be tied to a desk. Manage shipments on the go with the ShipStation Mobile App.

ParcelGuard Insurance Rates

USPS Domestic $1.09 per $100 of coverage
FedEx Ground® Economy $1.09 per $100 of coverage
All other domestic carrier services
(UPS/DHL Express/FedEx/Canada Post/etc)
$0.99 per $100 of coverage
International carrier services $1.39 per $100 of coverage

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