Alluvia Platform

About Alluvia Platform

Alluvia seamlessly integrates SAP Business One with your CRM solutions. Alluvia automates integration between ERP systems and a wide variety of applications and platforms, including shipping/logistics, eCommerce, online marketplaces, CRM systems, EDI, custom files, and more. Integration takes place in minutes, not months, and for a fraction of the cost usually associated with integration projects. Alluvia uses a simple drag-and-drop user interface built on top of a robust mapping and integration engine to automate your connections and ensure your data elements match seamlessly with those of your trading partners. This cloud-based solution requires no hard coding and no software maintenance. This is a first-ever, revolutionary way of integrating applications and platforms. Integrations are set up and maintained by non-programmers, using pre-built templates and a mapping wizard. Alluvia was created by ERP experts who, after spending years implementing integration projects for clients, though there must be a better way. Clients start for a fraction of the usual cost of integration, without contracts, and can cancel at any time.

Alluvia Platform Features We Support

  • Turnkey managed integration service; Alluvia takes responsibility for the entire end-to-end connection.
  • Integrations are set up and maintained for a fraction of the cost and time usually involved
  • The costing model is predictable and easy to budget; it is a modest monthly subscription
  • Meets your ERP integration needs without involving consultants or developers
  • Alluvia works behind the scenes without add-ons or any changes to your ERP

ShipStation ♥ Alluvia Platform


Alluvia x ShipStation Fulfillment flow


The ShipStation connection template is pre-built and then fine-tuned with a mapping wizard. Once set up, any type of order, regardless of the source, is sent to ShipStation for the creation of the label. ShipStation then sends information – such as a tracking number – back to the ERP or eCommerce system.


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