Amazon Australia

About Amazon AU

Nearly everyone knows of the 800 lb. gorilla that is Amazon. It started as an online bookstore in 1994. Twenty years later they became one of the top 10 largest online retail stores in the world, (number 1 in the US) and their rapid growth isn’t slowing down. In fact, it’s spreading globally. Amazon is always expanding their offerings and penetrating new markets. Now that they have entered the Australian market it boasts a great opportunity for sellers just like you to expand your business internationally! It’s easy to get started selling on Amazon. Also, millions of consumers search for products on the site daily.

ShipStation’s seamless integration with Amazon Australia’s platform makes it even easier to get the ball rolling. Let us help you streamline your logistics so you can focus on expanding your business. Wherever you sell, however you ship, we can make you exceptionally efficient.

Amazon AU Features We Support

Compatible with International Amazon Stores
Whether you sell in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Spain, France, or Italy via Amazon, we’ve got you covered

Product Pictures & Weights
Product pictures and weights are imported when your order imports

Tracking Information
We’ll send back the tracking information to Amazon, as soon as you create your label

Support for Checkout by Amazon
Whether you sell on Amazon’s marketplace or use their checkout function, we have you covered

Customer Shipping Preference
We’ll let you know what the customer chose for their preferred shipping method

Gift Messaging & Wrapping
If the order is a gift, we’ll let you know the message, gift wrap level, and price

Amazon Item Condition
When you have an order import where there’s an item conditions specified, we’ll import that condition, too

Import Products by ASIN or SKU
Choose whether the ASIN or the SKU is the unique identifier for your products

Full Customer Information
We’ll import the full recipient address (including their phone number) when we import an order

Run Reports on Amazon Orders
Import your Amazon orders into ShipStation to run advanced reporting in ShipStation

ShipStation ♥ Amazon AU

Multi-channel selling and online shopping are becoming more and more common, and businesses are struggling to fulfill orders. But with ShipStation you can expand your business and manage all your orders on one screen. Now that Amazon Australia and ShipStation are partnered together, fulfilling orders in the land down under has never been so easy!

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