Quickly integrate Asendia USA and ShipStation to gain access to significant discounts and trusted services for worldwide shipping.


Managing parcel delivery with Asendia tracking and shipping paired with ShipStation provides access to significantly discounted postage and offers ease of use in preparing international customs documentation. This simple and convenient solution shipping management software significantly shortens the implementation time for Asendia USA customers and truly offers the fastest way to get product to the dock. Don’t yet have an Asendia USA tracking account? Click here to contact Asendia USA and request one.


Fully-Tracked Goods & Parcels
This solution is designed for small goods shipping internationally. Each parcel receives multiple tracking scans throughout delivery to the recipient. 

Asendia Fully-Tracked Goods Mailbox Delivery

Asendia Fully-Tracked Goods Personal Delivery

Country-Tracked Goods
This solution is designed for shipping small goods globally. Each parcel received multiple tracking event scans including when it is shipped and, for many countries, when it arrives in the destination country.

Asendia Country-Tracked Goods Priority

Standard Goods
This solution is designed for shipping small goods globally. Asendia USA also offers both Country-Tracked and Fully-Tracked Goods services.

Asendia Standard Goods Priority

Asendia Standard Goods Economy

Ship internationally at deeply discounted rates!

Asendia USA is an expert in the international distribution of parcels, direct mail, business mail and press, serving a diverse customer base including internet retailers, associations, financial institutions, universities, publishers, Government institutions, direct mailers, and major corporations nationwide. With nearly three decades of experience in the international mail and parcel consolidation industry, Asendia international shipping is a trusted industry leader, a USPS Postal Qualified Wholesaler, and the largest international mail consolidator for the United States Postal Service (offering the maximum discounts on USPS international services). Asendia is an alliance between the postal administrations of France (La Poste) and Switzerland (Swiss Post).


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