About Canpar

Canpar Express offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative for your regular day-to-day shipping needs to virtually all points accessible by public roads to all ten provinces of Canada and the continental United States. With over 40 years of specialized package shipping and a vast, modern network, our wide next day delivery area provides customers with a dependable express service at ground rates.


Multiple Services
Pickup and delivery available across Canada with services available including Ground, Select, Express, 10am Delivery, Noon Delivery. Shipping to the Continental U.S. and International locations is also available.

Real-Time Tracking
Tracking numbers are issued for each piece you ship out, to give you and your customer visibility to your shipment along the way.

Electronic Proof of Delivery
Available online for every piece delivered.

Return Solutions
Send preprinted return labels with your shipments, and provide your customers the convenience of requesting a pickup online.

Give your customers the convenience to pick up their parcel at any one of our hundreds of delivery locations across Canada.

Paperless Billing
Committed to minimizing our environmental impact and providing you with the convenience to receive and view your invoices online.

 ShipStation ♥ Canpar

Teaming up with ShipStation, Canpar Express offers online retailers affordable, convenient, and state-of-the-art shipping solutions to meet the growing needs of their businesses.

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