DCL Logistics and ShipStation’s partnership takes the hassle out of fulfillment and makes shipping your product easier than ever.

About DCL Logistics

DCL Logistics leverages its 30+ years of operational expertise and customer commitment to support industry pioneers ranging from startups to global brands in launching their products through a variety of sales channels. With their experience working with a diverse and dynamic client base in today’s on-demand world, DCL Logistics is equipped to design custom client programs and execute instant flawless product delivery.

DCL Logistics Features We Support

No software to install or maintain. DCL takes care of import orders, acknowledge orders (by adding selected tags) and update selling channels with tracking information once fulfillment is complete.

Multi-Warehouse Compatibility
DCL Logistics supports multiple warehouse locations and links directly with the ShipStation warehouse feature.

Automatic Order Sync to DCL Logistics
Import all your orders (or customized orders with the DCL Logistics process tag) from all your marketplaces and manual orders connected to ShipStation. Acknowledge orders immediately with the selected tag. (e.g. Amazon, Bigcommerce, eBay, Magento, ShipStation, Shopify, and any other ShipStation integrated selling channel)

Automated Shipping Updates with Tracking Information
As soon as an order ships from DCL Logistics warehouse, we automatically update the sales channel and customer with carrier, service and tracking information through ShipStation.

Multi-Channel Order Management – Complete Visibility of Orders
Manage all your imported orders across all sales channels directly from your DCL Logistics eFactory account.

ShipStation ♥ DCL Logistics

Your time is precious so why use it trying to solve logistical problems. Flawless integration between ShipStation and DCL Logistics takes the hassle out of fulfillment and shipping leaving you with more time to focus growing your business. Learn more about how to seamlessly send online orders to DCL Logistics for fulfillment in the ShipStation help center.

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