About FlowLink

FlowLink is one of the most versatile and highly customizable back-office ecommerce integration platforms on the market today. FlowLink developers have blended ease of use with advanced functionality to create a back-office tool that can tackle almost any integration dilemma, on-time and under budget. FlowLink’s long list of integrations covers the tools you use for your store including accounting / ERP tools, sales channels like eBay or Amazon, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, marketing tools, and, of course, logistics tools like ShipStation.

Key Features

  • Integrate any store with ShipStation
  • Build integrations that fit your unique business needs
  • User-friendly
  • In-house development and support; all based out of our headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa.


FlowLink’s highly customizable integration platform will connect ShipStation to all popular back-office tools, including QuickBooks Desktop. FlowLink lets you address the special integration needs where other options fall short. Start selling and shipping more efficiently with ShipStation and FlowLink today.


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