About Gorgias

Gorgias helps ecommerce merchants turn their customer support into a profit center. They enable merchants to manage all their customer service on Facebook, email, and chat, in a unified platform integrated with Shopify. Over 5000 brands including Steve Madden, MVMT, and Timbuk2 use Gorgias to drive revenue and increase the efficiency of their support team.

Features We Support

All in one: With Gorgias, you can see all your customer information in one place. Such as conversation history or Shopify orders.

Revenue from support: Track revenue generated by your support team and offset 50% of the cost of your support.

Automated support: Automate up to 30% of your tickets, with questions like “Where is my order?”.

ShipStation ♥ Gorgias

Gorgias brings the customer experience to a new level, while ShipStation improves the merchant experience, facilitating shipping and fulfillment aspects. As partners, we deliver top of the line ecommerce projects.



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