Import Groupon Goods orders into ShipStation so that you can ship with speed and ease. What a deal!


The ShipStation and Groupon integration makes it even easier to get connected with online customers everywhere. With Groupon Goods, the “Groupon for eCommerce” selling platform, customers can easily find and buy your products online. Now, with ShipStation as a top Groupon shipping partner, it is easy for you to ship and track those products across the world. Get started with Groupon Goods today and add a selling channel to your ShipStation account so that you can quickly fulfill orders to happy customers! Note Groupon Goods is now an invitation-only marketplace so this integration is only available to ShipStation users with active Groupon seller accounts.



As the top Groupon shipping partner in the marketplace, ShipStation knows exactly what it takes to support and fulfill your orders from start to finish.

Automatic Order Import
Automatically import ecommerce orders that haven’t yet been exported so you don’t have to manually transfer information between platforms.

Customer Data
Along with importing your orders, the ShipStation & Groupon shipping integration automatically brings in all the customer shipping information you need to easily create labels.

Order Item Information
Item and product information also automatically imports so that you can easily create packing slips or pick lists.

Groupon Goods Order Tracking & Shipping Updates
ShipStation’s Groupon integration makes it easy to keep track of all your online orders through seamless Groupon Goods order tracking and updates and automatically syncs order progress to your Groupon Goods account with carrier and tracking details


About Groupon Goods

Groupon Goods was founded on the same overarching principles as Groupon – connecting great deals to interested consumers. However, they’ve broadened their scope even further with Groupon Goods, so that online sellers can offer their products with great deals to online shoppers all over the world. By creating a Groupon for eCommerce sellers, now it is even easier for customers to find and buy your products online. As a Groupon shipping partner, ShipStation now makes shipping and tracking those orders just as easy. Connect your Groupon Goods account to ShipStation so that you can sell with ease, knowing your shipping will be a breeze!

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