Optiseller improves the distribution and quality of data used to list or sell merchandise across multiple online channels.

About Optiseller

Optiseller provides the optimization and analytics tools you need to improve the data quality and consistency of your listings on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Whether you need off-the-shelf tools or bespoke ecommerce data solutions, Optiseller works with sellers and brands to improve sales processes and offers tools and services to drive growth and efficiency.

Seller Tools

Optiseller provides a number of standardized data tools enabling quick and easy connection to marketplaces and proprietary ecommerce channels.

eBay Store Performance Dashboard
Measure the quality and consistency of your listing data, including GTIN verification

eBay Competitor Performance Dashboard
Measure your listing effectiveness against any other store on eBay

eBay Item Specifics Report
A detailed report to improve search placement and conversion

eBay Duplicate Listings Tool
Identify duplicate listings that negatively impact your sales history

eBay Parts Compatibility Finder
Locate part information to make it easier for buyers to find your listings

eBay Unsold Items Report
Review the validity of listings that are not selling

Optiseller Easy Product
Improve the quality of your listing and streamline across multiple platforms including eBay and Amazon

eBay Store Review
An in-depth strategic review of your data by the Optiseller consultancy team

ShipStation ♥ Optiseller

Optiseller is an arm of dynamic technology consultancy Developing IT which has worked with some of the world’s largest retailers, as well as with the largest global ecommerce marketplaces including eBay and Amazon.

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