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Patchworks is an integration provider. We offer a powerful iPaaS platform which connects your core ecommerce business applications.


Patchworks is an integration provider. We use a powerful, easy-to-use platform that connects your core business applications – whether that’s your ecommerce platform, warehouse software, ERP, 3PL, or anything in between. By automating the flow of data across your business, Patchworks eliminates the need for manual data entry – giving you the freedom to scale without overwhelming your operations.

Features & Benefits

  • One easy-to-use platform

Rather than logging into multiple different systems, the Patchworks platform acts as mission control for your core business services. By having a single dashboard to connect all your critical software, you can manage your integrations, schedule syncs, troubleshoot issues and view support tickets – all in one place.

  • Up-to-date stock levels

One of the key benefits to the Patchworks iPaaS is the ability to automate your data, keeping your entire business up-to-date at all times. Through scheduled data syncs and real-time inventory figures, your ecommerce store, POS,ERP, WMS or 3PLs systems will always have accurate stock figures – no matter how busy your store gets.

  • Plug in new apps as you grow

As your brand grows and new challenges arise, the Patchworks platform gives you the flexibility to swap out and plug in new apps. Designed to be fully agile, you can remove systems from your integration as soon as they stop meeting your needs, swapping them out for something better suited to your brand – without wasting months in development.

  • Save time and resources

By eliminating the need for manual data inputting, the Patchworks iPaaS saves your team hours of data entry. And with a team of integration specialists managing your connections, it also frees up your IT team from investigating technical issues.

  • Improved order fulfilment

With automated data syncs, Patchworks makes order fulfilment fast, efficient, and easier than ever before. Even during those peak sales times that flood your site with orders, your warehouse will have all the information they need to dispatch orders quickly and accurately. And with no risk of human error, there’ll be fewer mistakes harming your profit margins.

  • Process over 1 million orders a day

Patchworks powers some of the world’s biggest brands, with a platform that’s stress-tested to handle tens of thousands of orders an hour. With 99.99% uptime and the ability to process over a million syncs in a single day, the possibilities for growth are endless.

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